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Recent Logistics Projects

For further details on our bespoke developments in logistics and manufacturing optimization software please download the case studies PDF from the download area at the bottom of the page.

Order management and logistics planning
PSL Optimization Software was commissioned by David Wilson’s Trailers to develop a fully integrated system to support both the order management and logistics planning functions of their business.

Primary distribution planning
A collaboration between PSL Optimization Software and one of the UK’s foremost supermarket chains has produced a system designed to assist in the logistics areas of load planning and transportation scheduling - as well as providing administration, data maintenance and reporting facilities.

Ship Scheduling
A scheduling module (library) was produced for Norwegian Maritime Software of Oslo as part of the development of a bulk carrier/oil tanker scheduling and budgeting package.

Returns planning
A system was developed for a UK brewer to control the flow of empty casks, using a combination of complex mathematical programming and powerful search heuristics.

Waste management
PSL was selected as part of a consortium to construct a Waste Management System for the Environmental Agency of the Hong Kong Government, providing a set of tools for the areas of transport modeling and routing, facility location and waste volume prediction.


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