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The SECANT package

SECANT is a high yield cutting optimizer for both sheets and bars and the main cut planning software chosen by companies throughout the world for all types of material including board, laminates, steel, aluminium and acrylics.

The SECANT cutting optimization package is frequently integrated into the clients order processing and stock management systems, with a range of links available including interfaces for database and spreadsheet software. Vendors of software systems can directly access SECANT’s functions via an API. The SECANT optimization engine can already be found in a number of leading packages in the metal and wood industries in the USA and Europe.

PSL also offer KeyNEST optimization - an entry level optimizer using the same state-of-the-art algorithms as SECANT but without some of the more complicated functionality which may not be required by smaller cutting operations. See KeyNEST Optimization for more information

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Alternatively, if you would like PSL to run an optimization of your own data, whether as part of an initial investigation into cutting optimization or as a benchmark against any existing optimizer, please email us direct at info@pslopt.co.uk with your sample data.

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