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Layout Planning Systems

The efficient use of resources be it storage space, raw materials or machine capacity is vital for profitability. Improved layout planning can deliver cost savings in a wide variety of industries from furniture manufacture to printing.

PSL have been at the forefront of the development and application of layout optimization systems. for the last twenty five years. A layout optimization solution from PSL will produce results which will increase the efficiency of your manufacturing process in a reliable and reproducible manner and do so in a fraction of the time a manual solution would require.

PSL have delivered systems for layout planning of

  • Components on spraying or plating rigs
  • Parts on flat bed membrane presses
  • Items on print beds
  • Packages on pallets
  • Products in cases

And for producing;

  • Panels from sheets
  • Rolls from coils
  • Pieces from bars or tubes
  • Roof trusses from timber

At PSL we know that layout planning is not just about material and machine utilisation. We recognize the conflicting demands of efficient production and just-in-time manufacture.

If you feel our expertise could deliver savings for you then please contact PSL at info@pslopt.co.uk

Also see the main PSL site for our standard packages  for cutting optimization and packing optimization.

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