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The MULTIPACK package

Multipack uses state-of-the-art optimization algorithms to quickly generate efficient packing plans for a given set of products and containers. The application produces packing plans by partitioning a container into a number of blocks where each block is packed with items of a single product type.

A demonstration system is available from the download area at the bottom of the page. This installation is a fully functional system and is licenced free of charge and under no obligation for a period of 30 days.


  • Pack rectangular boxes, cylinders or cup shaped products
  • Restrict the stacking orientation of any product line (e.g. stack on base only)
  • Take into account the fragility of a product (e.g. must be on top of stack)
  • Generate a single plan for a mixture of containers, or select from packing plans for each container


  • Tailored versions for other shapes - even interlocking shapes - can be offered
  • Take full control of the complexity of patterns produced
  • Customise the user image to your requirements

Easy to use

  • View and print packing plans as simple sectional diagrams
  • Realise your packing plan as a full 3D visualisation


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