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Dated: 16/06/2011

The latest version of the SECANT parts explosion package offers the same extensive facilities as its predecessor but with a more simple and intuitive user interface.

An update to the SECANT parts explosion package has just been released.

The SECANT-PX application explodes an order book of assemblies (cabinets, windows, doors, blinds, laminates, etc) into a list of component parts. SECANT-PX is available either as a stand-alone product or fully integrated with the SECANT cut planning package.

The new version offers the same powerful multi-level explosions as it's predecessor but couples this with a simpler and more intuitive user interface.

Visit the parts explosion page at http://www.pslopt.co.uk/public/parts-explosion.cfm for more information and to download an evaluation copy of the system.

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