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Packing optimization

PSL offers two different forms of packing optimization software. Both applications generate highly efficient loading patterns which will help to reduce shipping, storage and packaging costs.

PIQUANT is a general purpose packing optimizer which can be used pack a single product line onto pallets, trays, containers and trailers. It can handle any number of storage levels; packing product into container, onto pallet, into trailer etc. The software can automatically choose the right storage for each stage to maximize packing efficiency

MULTIPACK generates mixed product packing plans. It produces packing plans by partitioning a container into a number of blocks where each block is packed with items of a single product type. The complexity of the block layouts and the complexity of packing the product within the block are completely under the control of the user

Demonstration systems for both packages are available from the download area below. These installations are fully functional systems and are licenced free of charge and under no obligation for a period of 30 days.


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