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The PIQUANT package

PIQUANT is a general purpose packing optimizer which can be used to generate highly efficient loading patterns for pallets, trays, containers and trailers. These optimized plans help to reduce shipping, storage and packaging costs.

A demonstration system is available from the download area at the bottom of the page. This installation is a fully functional system and is licenced free of charge and under no obligation for a period of 30 days.


  • Maintain a database of products and storage options through the use of simple menus and forms.
  • Plan any product directly into any storage unit or allow PIQUANT to select the most efficient option.
  • Take into account height limits, weight limits and permitted overhang.
  • Control the complexity of the packing and even edit the layout

Versatile Shape Library

  • Calculate and display packing plans for boxes, cylindrical and cup shaped objects.
  • Use the unique shape library to define special shapes - even interlocking shapes!

Multi-level Packing

  • Handle any number of storage levels
  • Pack product, into container, onto pallet, into trailer
  • Automatically choose the right storage for each stage to maximize packing efficiency

Warehouse space management

  • Model multiple storage areas within a warehouse
  • Manage limited availability of storage units

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